What Are The Best Supplements To Build Muscle?

Best Supplements to Build Muscle

Looking for quick muscle gain and speedy recovery times for your lifts? Then you came to the right review site on the best supplements to build muscle!

As a kid growing up I was always small and had trouble building mass regardless of my diet or routine. I experimented with various supplements such as creatine and whey protein however never saw results that lasted.

I wanted to stay away from heavy steroids due to some of the side effects yet needed to gain mass and quickly. Something we all want, actual results that don’t take months to see AND utilize natural supplements.

My Muscle Growth Supplement Criteria

No one wants to get involved in shady supplement schemes, especially when it involves your health.

In an attempt to avoid sketchy products I set out some criteria for the supplements I was looking for that I would not compromise on:

  • Must utilize natural elements
  • Must have limited/no side effects
  • Must be affordable
  • Must be non-addictive

After writing these down it got me thinking, what really are the best supplements to build muscle quickly? I then did my homework and experimented.

This site is to share my results with readers…

Best Supplements to Build Muscle

I checked out a few different supplements each with my own feelings towards them. Each of the products did have one thing in common; they were deer velvet based supplements such as BioAntler.

I’ll get into what deer velvet is and what it’s used for on my next page.

But first I’ll give you my top three best supplements to build muscle as a result of my research.

#3: Official Deer Velvet Extract

Though the title states “official” I don’t think they were the first to utilize deer velvet as a muscle growth and recovery supplement. I think it’s just great branding strategy!

The Official Deer Velvet Extract product itself is fairly cheap and supplies 400,000 nanograms of IGF-1 (the key ingredient in antler velvet products, I’ll discuss this on a later page).

It has all the ingredients needed (IGFs, proteins, and various other supplements) to assist muscle growth and reduce recovery time through increased energy release elements.

There aren’t any real issues with this supplement from what I’ve seen and heard, however the BioAntler and Deer Antler Plus just seem to pack a little bit more of a punch in terms of seeing results.

#2 Deer Antler Plus

Best supplements to build muscle - Deer Antler Plus

Deer Antler Plus markets their product not only for muscle gain but also as a supplement to increase testosterone levels to heighten sexual experience. Not a bad side effect eh?

Deer Antler Plus assists bodybuilders with increasing muscle composition and shortens the recovery time by relieving muscle pains and stress.

The product is lesser known than some of the others on my list. The product works well however it is in pill form, my only downside with it, which is why my Deer Antler Plus review places it in second place.

Most other deer velvet extracts come in a liquid spray form which is nice since it can be absorbed into the blood stream quicker, however if you’re not worried about this then it doesn’t hurt to check it out a little more.

Something that is great with this product is that they offer a 2 month free trial when you sign up. If you’re interested in learning more about Deer Antler Plus you can check it out here.

#1 BioAntler

Best supplements to build muscle - bioantler coupons

BioAntler is one of the best supplements to build muscle effectively and quickly on the market today. It has the same components as the Official Deer Velvet Extract however seems to pack a bigger punch in terms of bulking you up. Most likely due to the premium quality velvet extract they use.

The product is exceptional at increasing IGF levels, building muscle, reducing recovery time, and burning fat. The quad-fecta (if that’s a word?).

To recap that if you want to build muscle (check), get back in the gym quicker (check), AND burn fat (check) this is leading the way in being extremely effective at all three.

Additionally it contains 20 mg of Niacin, which is also known as vitamin B3. Niacin helps improve cholesterol levels and lower the risk of cardiovascular issues through increasing HDL cholesterol (which is good) and reducing triglycerides.

Recovery is key in improving performance since a few days out of the gym can feel like it set you back a few weeks.

BioAntler was great at getting builders back in as soon as possible. The amount of energy that is sent through your veins is amazing, like a surge of power that hammers through any fatigue you may have.

Now I’m sure you’re thinking “yeah yeah now I know what the best supplements to build muscle are, but what is deer antler velvet?”

Well I’ll get into that next with my post on the explaining why deer antler velvet is the best supplement to build muscle.

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