About Me

I’m a NJ resident with a passion for the coast, the gym, and good looking ladies ;). I started off as a small guy with trouble building body mass however with hard work, training, and the correct diet/nutrients turned that around.

FACT: Muscle growth supplements are leaps and bounds beyond what they were merely 5 years ago.

Scientists are continuously improving supplements that allow our bodies to reach their fullest potential.

These researchers explore new methods from various man-made compounds as well as look to the natural environment to find innovative uses of muscle building elements around us.

This site will inform readers of the top muscle building supplements on the market today that work. Currently, BioAntler is leading the way with the innovative use of deer antler velvet to significantly increase muscle growth.

There are numerous non-supplement using methods to build muscle however for those who want quick results or need more than the natural methods of body building to get ripped, this site will tell you how.

I’ll start by discussing the best supplements to build muscle.