How is Deer Velvet the Best Supplement to Build Muscle?

The market is flooded with products claiming they’re the best supplement to build muscle but how many REALLY work?

Unfortunately not as many as those that claim they do.

What is Deer Antler Velvet?

Deer velvet extract, also called deer antler extract, is a super supplement that is derived from the meaty velvet that forms around deer antlers.Deer velvet - Best supplement to build muscle

Each year male deer (buck) will produce a velvety substance that surrounds their antlers to help them grow exceptionally quick (see image to the right). This velvet acts as a shield providing mass quantities of nutrients and growth hormones feeding directly to the antlers so that they can calcify into sturdy antlers.

This fleshy surrounding has high levels of proteins, minerals, lipids and water. All of which contribute to the amazing natural boost deer velvet products such as BioAntler and Deer Antler Plus contribute to your body.

“All natural red deer antler velvet contains more than 300 active ingredients that work together to boost the body’s performance” – Ted Alflen, President of TCCD International

Though many consider this to be the best supplement to build muscle, deer antler velvet was considered a banned substance at one point, however in 2013 the ban was lifted (story here) once they realized the product posed no real threat to those using it.

New Zealand is the largest producer of this natural product with entire farms focused solely on the purpose of harvesting the antler velvet for supplemental usage.

The collection process is very humane as well, doesn’t hurt the deer, and since it grows back routinely there is no concern of the resource running out.

What is it Used For?

Bodybuilders primary use for deer velvet extract may be different from others use of the product.

Us gym rats use it to improve the effectiveness of our lifts, speed up recovery time, decrease fatigue, and stimulate muscle expansion through natural growth nutrients. As a result many bodybuilders consider it to be the best supplement to build muscle.

Best Supplement to Build Muscle – Ok, What Else?

Others not interested in using deer velvet as the best supplement to build muscle look to the product for other personal uses such as increasing certain sex hormones, improving fertility, and to act as a natural aphrodisiac.

The supplement isn’t solely used by men either.

Women have been known to use it for menstrual problems and children have been prescribed it to assist with learning disabilities, slow growth, and bone problems.

Even further uses of the supplement are to treat the various problems below.

Best supplement to build muscle

The amount of nutrients found in deer velvet are astonishing. Whether it’s being used to treat a health issue or used as one of the mass gaining supplements for in the gym, deer antler velvet is well recognized for its results.